Apple iPhone 5 Features

Apple iphone 5

After the iPhone 4S launched, the real smartphone that Apple’s fanatic fans have been waited for is the Apple iPhone 5. This iPhone 5 will be launch in this early October 2011. Although there is no official information leak about the specifications and features installed, but romours and speculations are wide spread on the internet about how the Apple iPhone will be look like. To get closer to the real specs it might be carried by Apple iPhone 5, there are few facts could be confirmed according to the latest iPhone 4S. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Dual core processor
First, the upcoming iPhone 5 will be equipped with a dual core processor, just like the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or even at higher speed considering the latest Blackberry or Android base phone has 1 GHz processor. The iPhone 5 will also be incorporating graphics chip cards that are more powerful than before, providing you with better still images and videos including HD graphic specs.

2. 4G network
In their endless quest to provide mind-blowing technology, Apple is also switching to a 4G network (up from a 3G for the iPhone 4). This means faster and better connection speed, especially useful for video chatting. The company also filling this next Apple iPhone 5 up to the top with memory so that storage issues are pretty much a thing of the past. With 32 GB of space and 64GB of memory, the storage on this device compares favorably with most home computers.

3. Amazing new features
The new features of the iPhone 5 will be amazing.  It’s expected to have a host of new gizmos and gadgets.  The new Apple iPhone 5 expected to include Face Recognition Security. This might be development of the iPhone 4S which already had Siri (voice regocnition feature). With this feature installed, you don’t have to worry with the possibility of other people swiping your phone and trying to use it.  Since the phone will use the 4G network, video chat will be much easier and defenitely much faster. Other practical new features include better sound quality from the built- in speakers. The new Apple iPhone 5 comes with built in GPS so there is no need to install a separate application.

4. Ultra Slim Design
Based on the iMac that already had ultraslim design and the slimmest notebook today, apparently the Apple iPhone 5 will be even thinner and have a carbon fiber back piece.It might as slim as the iPhone 4S at below 1 cm thick.

5. Shatter Resistant Screen
Beside have larger screen at 3.7 inch, the new iPhone 5 design scratch and shatter resistant screen that was specifically designed to deal with the problems the iPhone 4 screen faced. A new shatterproof, drop-resistant screen is a pretty simple thing, but invaluable

6. 32GB and 64GB options
The Apple iPhone 5 will also come in 32GB and 64GB variants, which means more storage space for all your personal data. In addition, there will definitely be an increase in the RAM to match the upgraded processor unit. The lowest Apple iPhone 5 model will come equipped with 32 GB of space and 64 GB of memory.

7. Powerful  Battery Life
The battery life would be extended from its previous version.  There will be 14 hours of talk time available on the 3G network, while the 4G network will offer 7 hours of talk time.  The Apple iPhone 5 will also have 8 megapixel camera with flash.

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