Difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

iPhone 6 has been rumored spread widely even though the iPhone 5 just has been released in this September. Many people are curious about the upcoming sixth generation of the iPhone because they think that iPhone 5 not really far different with the latest iPhone 4. The rumor that coming from the gadget reviewers and the expert in technologies is that this iPhone 5 will be far away different with the upcoming iPhone that will be launched next year. It’s all because of the development of the technology in gadget that become advanced and increased very modern.

Many people very excited in waiting the iPhone 6 and also feel confuse which one is worth to buy, the iPhone 5 that will be launched for these days or the upcoming generation that will be released next  year. As we know, the iPhone 5 has many privileges such as the operation system that has been upgraded to become the iOS 5, having the A5 processor inside that will make it faster, the 8 megapixels camera, more internal memory that it has inside up to 64GB, bigger screen that could be between 4-5 inches, better resolution, having the new stylish design, having the full HD video recording, having the 3D display, better battery and many more.

If the iPhone 5 being compared with the iPhone 6, maybe it will be very different because based on the rumor that the sixth generation of iPhone will be provided with many new advanced features and high technology but also with the environmental-friendly theme. This will be the first smartphone that using the 4G technology, and using the p-Si or polysilicone screen that will make the quality of the images sharper and have the high resolution, it will also have the A6 processor inside and having the iOS 6 as the upgraded operation system. Moreover, this iPhone will be slimmer, thinner and also more stylish than other iPhone.

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