iPhone 6 Concept

iPhone 6 ConceptApple finally has revealed the new iPhone 6 concept. At first there are various possibilities occurred for the forthcoming unlocked phone from Apple. Even though Apple has not set any schedule on the manufacturing of this new iPhone, the company sets a plan to design this latest generation of iPhone with curved touchscreen. This element is the latest feature that they have to deal recently. Although such screen is not becoming the norm in these present days, Apple expects that it will be a good starting point somewhere in the future. The other supporting devices for this iPhone have been finished in couple years ago.

The iPhone 6 concept has never been officially announced by Apple. Although there is no information about it, Apple was reported to contact some companies which manufacture glass supply for the iPhone and iPad. Some of the companies may include G-Tech, Lens Technology and Fuji Crystal. The intention of Apple to contact them is to find out whether the companies can help them in this long project. Apple realized that its glass screen is not really satisfied. Therefore, it will be better if they get a help for this next iPhone edition.

The iPhone 6 concept featuring a new touchscreen actually is surprising for some people. Apple offers great capability by combining and blending all of the distinctive options on what the users want from a smart phone. Although the curved is an unusual choice, it seems that Apple has led the way on its own. We just have to follow whether Apple will be successful to make this curved screen as the popular norm for its iPhone product in the market. We should wait for a couple times to see the details regarding to the iPhone 6 when the date of releasing has come closer. [Via PureMobile]

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